Camera Kit


Owen’s camera equipment see below:

With regard to camera equipment he has experience on a number of cameras and camera makes ranging from his camera equipment list below all equipment is owned by my outright. All kit is transported in his dedicated camera truck and mobile production office. See camera transport listing for more information on mobile office.

Camera ONE 4K  Cinematic Digital Film Camera 

1 x RED MX camera body with Solid state module Upgrade
4 x PAG V mount smart batteries and multi charge smart battery charger
1 x V Mount hot swap plate
1 x 7 inch LCD on camera monitor and knuckle mount
2 x 19mm short bars
2 x 19mm long bars
1 x RedRock 19mm & 15mm follow focus kit
1 x 4×4 inch Matte box
1 x large French flag
1 x small French flag
1 x Arri base plate
1 x Arri slide plate
1 x 19mm hand held kit with wrist bars
1 x Industrial hard flight case

Media storage

3 x 64 Gig RED mag solid state drives (SSD)

Camera TWO Full HD Broadcast

1 x Sony PMW EX3 body with the following up grades
1 x ProTech professional shoulder mount kit with V mount battery plate
1 x Atoms Samurai Blade Broadcast on camera Solid State field recorder and drive Records Apple ProRes at 50mbps up to 200mbps both at 422
4 x PAG V mount smart batteries and multi charge smart battery charger
1 x 2/3 inch lens adapter
1 x Canon Broadcast B418mm zoom lens
1 x Standard EX3 lens
1 x Sony Wide angle lens
1 x 4×4 inch Matte box
1 x large French flag
1 x small French flag
1 x Industrial hard flight case

Atoms Blade Shogun

1 x Atmos Shogun Blade 4K on camera field recorder with 7 inch on camera field monitor which will work on both the above Sony PMW EX3 camera taking its record-ability up from full broadcast HD at 50 mbps at 422 to full 4K broadcast levels if connected to a 4K camera such as the RED.  This on camera field recorder with 7 inch monitor also works with the Canon 5D MK ll DSLR Camera listed below

Media Storage

1 x 250 Gig solid state (SSD) HD card
3 x 240 Gig Solid state (SSD) HD card


1 x 4K Black Series GoPro Camera Comes with
1 x underwater camera housing
1 x standard GoPro mounting kit
1 x Professional mounting kit
1 x Rechargeable battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x Industrial hard flight case
Connects to iPad or iPhone which can be supplied or download the app
Shoots in 720, 1080 s 2K & 4K Pro Re


1x Sony Z1 HDV Camcorder
Comes with
1 x standard battery
1 x long life 460 minute battery
1 x battery charger

Media Storage

Requires Mini DV tapes to record onto



1 x Canon 5D MK ll DSLR Digital Video Camera
1 x Canon rechargeable battery
1 x Canon battery charger
1 x 15mm set of bars with matte box
1 x 15mm Redrock follow focus kit      .


1 x Canon 24mm to 70mm zoom
1 x Canon 70mm to 200mm telephoto zoom
1 x Sigma 10mm to 20mm wide angle zoom


1 x Canon 5D MK 1  DSLR Digital Stills Camera
1 x Long life heavy duty battery unit
1 x Camera mounted flash gun
2 x Rechargeable batteries
1 x battery charger
1 x Industrial hard flight case

Media Storage

1 x 16GB Solid State cards
2 x 4GB
1 x 2GB

Client Field Monitors

1 x 14 inch field monitor
1 x 7 inch field monitor
1 x 7 inch LCD palm held field monitor

Card Readers

1 x RED Mag SSD Card reader
2 x Atomos Blade SSD Card reader

Lighting Equipment 

8 x 800w Redheads
3 x1000w Soft box lights
1 x on camera LED top light
3 Soft boxes/ stands / boom
2 x Industrial hard flight case
1 x large Reflector in Silver on one side & Gold on the other

Stills Photography Lighting
2 x photography lights with silver umbrella
4 x Cold Lighting system
1 x stills Flash
1 x on camera flash

Lighting Stands 

6 x Heavy duty C Stands
6 x Medium weight lighting stands one with boom
8 x Light weight lighting stands
1 x Heavy duty light stand on wheels
13 x 7 Kgs Arri Sandbags
1 x Industrial hard flight case
1 x Industrial hard flight case trunk on wheels

Green Screens & Backdrops  

1 x Top pole – 3m in 2 halves & 6m length
1 x Medium Cloth Green Screen with light duty weight stands & Cross pole (black) in roll case
1 x Extremely Large Cloth Green Screen with Heavy duty weight stands & cross pole.
1 x Extremely Large Cloth Black Backdrop with Heavy Duty weight Stands & cross pole.
1 x Extremely Large Cloth White Backdrop with heavy duty weight stands & cross pole.

Tripods & Grip Equipment 

1 x Manfrotto heavy duty Tripod with mettle spreader arms 100mm bowl
1 x Manfrotto heavy duty Tripod with bottom spreader 100mm bowl
1 x Manfrotto heavy duty Hi-hat 100mm bowl
2 x Manfrotto heavy duty fluid head units 100mm bowl
1 x Libec  Light duty Tripod with 50mm fluid head unit

Camera Rig

1 x Manfrotto camera rig with wrist bars and comes with 15mm bars off set shoulder mount kit an
additional counter weight and multiple size camera mounting plat which will take camera from a DSLR camera up to the a medium size camera the kit comes as follows:

1 x Manfrotto Sympla Shoulder Support kit on 15mm bars
1 x Manfrotto Counter balance weight
1 x Manfrotto lens support unit
1 x Matte box on 15mm bars
1 x RedRock 15mm follow focus kit
1 x Manfrotto shot knuckle mounting unit
1 x Manfrotto long arm knuckle mounting unit.

Camera Dolly’s 

1 x Prima Doorway dolly with four wheel steering with ride on camera op stool, and come with
four smooth rubber pneumatic ten inch wheels, plus one set of track wheels.
1 x Manfrotto Heavy duty spider dolly with five inch wheels.
1 x Libec Light duty spider dolly with three inch wheels.

Camera Jib/Crane 

1 x 18ft Pro Am light weight Jib with motorised head unit
1 x Industrial hard flight case trunk on wheels

Sound Equipment 

2  xTelescopic booms poles
2  x Sennhizer omni directional mic’s
2  x Rycote gun mic holders
2  x Rycote wind covers

Associated kit.

1 x small clapperboard
1 x electronic clapperboard on IPad
1 x Ground bag with associated camera & electrical tool kit bag

Tele Prompter Unit

TP-600 on camera lens hood with TelePrompter unit attachment operating AautoCue software app come in its own hard flight case.

iPad & iPad apps

1 x iPad retina
1 x industrial military spec iPad case
Industry related apps
1 x Final Draft
1 x Call-sheet
1 x AutoCue lite
1 x TelePrompter

Editing & Post Production Equipment

1 x iMac computer with ten gigs of Ram and full loaded Final Cut Pro (FCP) suit plus full After Effects Suite and additional plug ins
1 x Mac G5 Tower Desk top computer with two 22inch monitors
2 x PC Laptop’s with Adobe Premier.

Media Storage

Multiple external hard drive units total storage capacity approximately 22TB

Camera & Electrical Transport Unit 

One 6.8 meter long wheel base (LWB) 2006 VW Crafter Van with a 2.5 Turbo Diesel engine which is surprisingly economical to run. The van comes with a driver and Configured to be used as a Camera/Production truck seats three people including the driver with full Air Conditioning in the front cab. the van has a touch screen DAB radio and DVD media centre as well as a second touch screen sat-nav and blue tooth hands free phone system. The front cab windows have the maximum legal window tint for privacy. The van’s security has front and rear armour plate door security system and factory fitted vehicle alarm as well as vehicle tracking.

Rear section build  The rear interior is paneled through out and has been designed for the specific purpose. It is Racked out in the first half of the van for camera and lighting kit which is fully accessible from the large side front cargo door the second half rear section is sectioned off via a fitted bulkhead with a doorway and provides a spacious on location office area and can provide an area on location for a DIT / data wrangling /Editing station and it can be supplied with with two 22inch Samsung flat screen monitors side by side.  The desks space in the rear comfortably seats three and has a fitted couch bench which doubles up as a bed.  The van has also been insulated.