Q: How much do you work for?

  • I have a rate card which is not published you can contact me and I will email it directly to you.
  • However I WILL NOT work for free, as this is how I make a living.
  • Depending on the level of project I am happy to consider offering a discount to my daily rates.

Q: How far can you travel?

  • I am happy to travel pretty much around the world subject to security and risk assessments being in place. However I do not go to counties at war.
  • More commonly I’m well traveled and happy to travel throughout Western European countries, USA, Canada and the Caribbean India and Far East, Astralia, Provided full expenses and accommodation is covered. and I hold a valid British Passport .

Q: Transport and use of Camera and Production truck?

  • The use of my camera truck is either by a daily rate plus fuel expenses or charged at one pound per mile and can be hired separably to any camera work, on a separate basis to any filming work I may be working on subject to its availability. but would come with a Tech Driver.

Q: Do you charge for camera and kit hire when you are providing your kit.

  • Basic Equipment such as a broadcast camera is normally included in my basic fees, which includes and tripod and basic lighting.
  • However there is normally a charge for my Red Camera and lenses and though I do not charge for the use of I do negotiate a hire fee for additional kit such as additional lighting and camera dolly C Stands camera Jib etc etc but I can supply all kit cheaper than many of the camera houses in London and guarantee beating any hire presses considerably and can provide different levels of packages such as a documentary package, including multi camera package and cinematic film packages at a fraction of normal hire costs.

Q: Can I hire your camera kit with out hiring you to shoot?

  • You can hire and operate my kit but it would have to come with myself as 1st AC and focus puller.

Q: Can you supply a full camera team?

  • I normally work with a small camera team which can included a 1st Assistant Camera Technician/Focus Puller, a 2nd Assistant Camera Technician/ Clapper Loader and Data Imaging Technician (DIT) and if required a Lighting Gaffer and Camera Grip, subject to additional fees being charged per crew member.Additionally I can provide a complete package and can also supply other additional crew grades from Assistant Directors to Line Producers and Production Managers.

Q: Are you Insured? 

  • I hold insurance for £1,000,000. worth of Third Party Liability insurance which I can upgrade to up to £5,000,000 upon request.
  • The camera kit I own is insured for up to £150,000 of Kit with normally £75,000 on set at any one time.
  • I have additional insurance cover to hire in additional equipment up to £25,000 but if you have a full production you should have your own production insurance as well.

Q:What are some of the projects you’ve worked on?

  • Here is a link to my Credits 
  • Here is a Gallery from some of the projects I’ve worked on